Training new Interpreters.


Director/Co-ordinator Tsering Shangpo Sherpa starting first day class with meditation.

After putting fliers for two weeks in the local grocery stores,bus station and tea shops we finally started getting candidates interested in our interpreter training program. With the help of Bajrabarahi Healthpost as a reception for the application form we started taking candidates for the program.



We started our first day with total number of 32 candidates from different wards of Thaha municipality. Despite the distance some candidates have to walk , it wasn’t a problem for them. Our Curriculum was focused on communication skills, public speaking, public interaction and Interpreting. It was about 45 Days. 3-4 hours each Day.

It has been very good experience and a beautiful journey with these youngsters with their hunger for knowledge and will to learn communication skill and learn english.


Miss Elissa Chapman training candidates.

We are so grateful to Miss Elissa Chapman who is an acupuncturist and has been working with us for three years. Her presence was very helpful for candidates to improve their english speaking skills.


We thank our senior interpreters for coming and sharing their experiences with the candidates about their journey with Suswasthya Nepal and acupuncture Relief Project which gave them confidence to move ahead.P1040738

After 45 days of complete training we choose 4 promising candidates for this year’s camp. We had to choose 10 out of 25 candidates first and out of 10 we chose 4 candidates.All our candidates were not just involved in our training,we also organized reforestation program and had fun planting trees together.P1050475


Honourable guest planting the first tree of the program


having fun planting trees.

Our new interpreters for this year and little bit about themselves in their own words.

Melina Gopali
I came to know about this project from my parents cause they have been visiting here as a patients. My parents love what Suswathya Nepal is doing for our community.My parents occupation is farming and they are farmers.They have been very supportive and they are very happy that i am going to work for Suswasthya Nepal.I want to join this project because i want to help my community and become a social worker.I love travelling, playing volleyball and listening to music.

 Sangita Bhatta
“I am studying in high school.I love to read in free times watch television and help my parents.My father is a shopkeeper and mum’s housewife.I don’t have any dependence in my home and familydoesn’t need my help most of the time.My parents are happy that i am going to work for Suswasthya Nepal cause they think i will learn new things from this project and get involve in social activities.I want to help people in need and this is great opportunity to learn new things.”

 Bhawana ShresthaP1050482
“I am studying in high school.I have never been employed so this is going to be my first job. .My parents main occupation is farming they are very happy that i attended this training program .I think this is so interesting and i like interpreting.”

Sushila Waiba13770286_312438639098071_975353792969402267_n
“I live with my father,mother,brother and sister.My family does farming for living and I help my family with cooking and farming .I like to help people and my community and my parents are happy about me joining this project.”
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Programe prepration!!

Program due date
6th December 2015, Sunday!!

It seems we are always out of time when its comes to the due dates, I guess that’s Nepal for you and on the bright side we have such a good vibe of energy coming from all directions,we don’t even have time to think about the time running out. Either its about the construction of our brand new building or the press conference which we are organizing.

While other decorations and program preparations are going on
we have these cute little dancers from the school next door who are keen to take part in our program and be a part of it. These little dancers agreed to participate in our small press conference and “Meeting to know the community” program by contributing their dance act to make the program successful,exciting and entertaining  i mean who doesn’t want to see these little princesses dance?



Choreographed by themselves,they have been practicing on their free times that they get off from their school hours.
They come to our place and  rehears for the program whenever they get chance.
we are very happy and very much blessed to have such talented dancers to be taking part in our program.

God bless these little cute dancers.

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Nuwakot Medical Camp

This report just in from the medical assisting team we sent to the medical camp in Nuwakot:

Day One: May 16, 2015

We travelled to Nuwakot, Fikuri-9 with a team of 28 people. This team included fifteen medical worker from the United States and Australia (three doctors, five paramedics and seven nurses) and thirteen Nepalese staff (seven interpreters, four cooks and two nurses).


       Satellite image of Fikuri village.

     Information about Fikuri village 

We reached the village around 3:00pm. The locals welcomed us with their traditional hospitality. It was too late to see patients that afternoon and we were exhausted from the long ride. We needed to find a place to make camp before it got too dark.
The villagers were very kind and helpful. They generously let us use their land so that we could set up our tents. They also helped us in setting up our kitchen and clinic.


Day Two: May 17, 2015

Our camps were ready to go and we were fairly organized. Three paramedics, nurses and doctors were set to take vitals. The two Nepalese nurses, Rupa and Kaya, served as helping hands for them.
The crowd was huge and it could easily have become out of our control, so we were grateful to have the local people and policemen organizing folks.
We had two social workers who were doing a great job consoling the earthquake victims by talking and sharing stories. We saw patients with both acute and chronic problems. We also have very serious cases like cancer and diabetes.

All the patients were given good treatment and medicines to take with them. In the evening, each family was given 25 kilograms of rice, 1 kilogram of salt, 1 liter of oil and a mat.
For our first clinical day, we saw 160 patients. Over half of the patients were women and men and children made up the other half.

Day 3: May 18, 2015

Yesterday, we had given priority to the people who had traveled from far away villages. Today, on our second clinical day, most of the people we treated were locals from the village.
Four additional volunteers were added to our team: a doctor, a paramedic, a nurse and one assistant. We saw a total of 150 people in the camp, opening at 8am and closing at 4:30pm. This daily schedule is our routine.

Day 4: May 19, 2015

Today we saw most people from the nearby village as well as the locals for a total of about 40 patients. We decided to go to a nearby village named Thulogaun, in Rasuwa.

Information about Dandagaun village We walked about one and a half hours to reach Thulogaun and saw that the conditions there were even worse than the place where we were staying.

Day 5: May 20, 2015

This is our last day before heading back to Kathmandu. We saw about 20 people before lunch and left afterwards. Overall, the camp was successful.

Report by Suman Magar and Dipak Giri
Suman and Dipak volunteered as a medical interpreters for this camp.
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Carlifornia for Nepal and Good Health Nepal

California for Nepal: A team of professional doctors from United States have hosted a health relief project inside the rural part of Nepal to aid the earthquake victims. 

California for Nepal is providing medical supplies and rations where Good Health Nepal (Suswasthya Nepal) has been volunteering to provide interpreters and legal documents to run the project smoothly.

Deepak Giri and Suman Budha Magar will be volunteering as a medical interpreters in this project. The project will start as a 4-day as experimental camp to determine if the health camp is effective before moving to another location.

The team has already left the valley to travel 90Km to the camp. 


They are heading to one of the rural villages of Nepal called Fikuri. Faker is one of the Village Development Committees (VDC) of Nuwakot, at an elevation of approximately 1493m/3519ft.

The team consists of 18 people, carrying 2000 kilograms of rice (in 20kg bags), 100 tarts and medicine for 3500 people.

More updates to come.

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Earthquake returns!

After the 7.9 magnitude earthquake on april 25,2015 which claimed the lives of 8000 people and millions affected by its destruction. We were working on living our lives back to normal even though we feel aftershocks of the earthquakes everyday.






 4 mag earthquakes,5 mag earthquakes, they don’t bother us anymore, some of us even stopped feeling these kinda earthquakes until today.


 A magnitude of  7.4 earthquake stroked the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu which was already in chaos and now again this earthquake sure did made its impact.


Those old building which survived the previous earthquakes sadly didn’t survived todays earthquake with lots of injuries and deaths yet to be tolled.




 The epicenter of the earthquakes that hit  today around 12:50 am were from two different locations, Dolkha and Namche Bazar, The tremors were felt upto India, Bangladesh, Afganishtan and China.




Earlier that day, Tsering and I,we were inspecting the earthquake sites in Patan,Sunakothi,Dhapakhel,Jharuwarashi and Chapagau inside lalitpur,Kathmandu. 





 We were having tea with our friends when the earthquake stroke. 

At first we though it was just a minor tremor like always but ground kept on shaking.


Within seconds everybody started running outside the open fields running for their lives. 


 We then ran out of the building too and we saw dust rising up from the sites where the building collapsed.



We saw a mother busted her head open while running inside the house to save her kid. 


 We saw senior citizens who couldn’t run fell down and got small wounds and bruises. Some people got hit by the falling bricks from the house.


 The site was unpleasant and full of gore.

Then we saw Nepalese army who were staying inside one of the government school in Chapagau rush towards the collapsed buildings to aid the victims. 


Some photos that I posted in this post are taken from internet due to lack of sources.

Let’s all pray for Nepal.


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Report from Nuwakot

Our Staff Bibek Lama went to Nuwakot as a First Aid healthcare provider and this is his report.

Today i went to a village called Swara in Nuwakot.

A part of Bagmati Zone, It is one of the seventy-five districts of Nepal, a landlocked country of South Asia. The district, with Bidur as its district headquarters, covers an area of 1,121 km² and had a population 277,471 in 2011.


I left the Kathmandu valley with some monks from the White Monastery and some locals from that village to distribute ration and medical care.We started out journey around 11 am and we reached our destination around 6pm.



I volunteered in this trip  as a first aid healthcare  taker.I have been working with Good Health Nepal(Suswasthya Nepal)  and Acupuncture Relief Project(ARP) as a medical interpreter for past two years and have been receiving trainings in western medicine and TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine)


Almost all the houses were destroyed by the earthquake.About 65 houses collapsed with 7.8 rector magnitude earthquake whose epicentre was Nuwakot itself.


Five people dead, Two in critical condition and about 150 people with minor injuries in that village.


Some were building small huts with tarts and some already have built temporary staying places.


       Along with ration we were send to distribute medical supplies too.I was told to distribute medicine but i was not qualified to that job.I don’t want to risk anybody’s life so I told them that ,”I am just first aid healthcare taker not a doctor.”


 With night falling upon us we were running out of time, In that crowd of people ration was their primary concern and we had to leave soon so I couldn’t treat anybody.


   So I thought, if we have to go to this kinda villages again then we should take some professionals and stay their for couple of days for treatment.


 We also got the information about the robbery of the ration and tarts by the people before it could get to another villages which was very painful to hear.

 In times like these government,people,different organisations and victims of this devastating earthquake should think a little bit and try to help each other not just to build their own houses and villages but the whole nation. 

Thank You

Bibek Syangtan Lama.

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Report from Sindupalchowk

Our Volunteer Satya Narayan Suwal went to Sindupalchowk as a mediator and medical interpreter for CGLF. 


He helped the team of 4 doctors,3 from singapur and 1 from thailand who were volunteering for the CGFL.


This is a report from our volunteer himself.

It was a Four day trip

Monday- Thimbu(Truck stop)

Tuesday( thimbu,kakani tarkigang

wenesday-karkigaun,kakani nurbulen school

thursaday nurbulen school,sugenche,chimigaun,thimbu- kakani

We had to take long hikes and trails were challenging due to landslides everywhere.We had to get off our ride and walk 9 hrs a day.

 Team had difficulties walking 9hrs a day and exhausted. we camped and kept proceeding ahead.

We found that at Sugench people are using two tarps per shelter usings 1 as a mat and other for the roof.At sindupalchowk there are no taros whatsoever.

 Almost all houses are down,

 As far as Tarkigang, perhaps 50 tarps needed.

Villagers are requesting  for more solar lights in villages.With  no electricity and no communication it was very challenging for them but they have clean drinking water(something good at last)

It was relief to find out only few earthquake injuries,most of the people have chronic problems.We started our work and attended to help the injured people.

   We don’t see need of any medical assistance necessary for now.

Sirmantang and Chimigaun are being assisted by big US and UK teams so we didn’t  have to cover those places.

It was painful and unpleasant view.

We got list of 26 deaths.May their soul rest  in peace.

Some people had already left for Kathmandu for treatment on their own expenses.

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